High-Tech Security

State-of-the-art security to protect your belongings

Secure Self Storage Units

Rent with confidence at Secure Storage

Trust Secure Storage to keep your prized possessions safe in our high-tech self storage units.

Our facilities are built with security as the top priority, and we’ve invested in high-tech solutions to keep your stuff safe.

Digital security cameras are always on and always recording, so you know we’re keeping an eye on your self storage unit when you’re away.

Lock in great rates on a secure self storage unit with our online rental process today!

Stress-Free Security

Enjoy top-notch security features without paying extra at Secure Storage

24/7 Digital Surveillance

Our cameras are always on and always recording, so you can rest easy knowing your unit is kept safe.

Climate Controlled Units

Protect your belongings from the cold and heat with Secure Storage's quality climate control!

Coded Access App

Our Spiderdoor access app provides additional security and convenience to our tenants. Authorized people can enter the facility without codes, keys, or leaving their vehicle, but all others are kept out!

Climate Controlled Self Storage Units

Climate Controlled self storage units prevent the heat and cold from degrading your stored belongings. 

Some items will expand or contract in extreme heat and cold - this can damage them over time! High humidity also increases the risk of mold and mildew, especially for vulnerable materials like wood and cloth. 

If you’re storing heirlooms, antiques, electronics, or simply anything you want to be sure to keep safe, consider upgrading to our Climate Controlled self storage units!

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